Klipper is a cultural non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Zsuzsa Bakonyi and Zsófia Pályi photographers. Our members are all recognized photographers and creative artists from Hungary, Eastern Europe who love to use photography and different visual mediums as their means of expression. Together we have organized various exhibitions, workshops and field works. Identity, migration, and art as social engagement are just some of the key issues we are interested in. We are open to collaborate with other partner organizations. Our main goal is to channel the Hungarian contemporary photography into the international art scene creating rich and useful dialogues.

Klipper is ran by Világoskamra Művészeti Egyesület (Világoskamra Art Association) Világoskamra Művészeti Egyesület is registered under Hungarian Law and was founded in 2016.

VAT Number: 18756153-­1-­41

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