FotoFest Košice (2017)

We were the Hungarian partner of Photoart Centrum for the newly organized Fotofest Kosice 2017. It was a special honor to strengthen the ties between Slovakia and Hungary.

(Hungarian solo exhibition)

Zsuzsa Bakonyi

Shopping windows represent everything of our time: the objects we use, our desires, our fears, the dos and don'ts, the current technology and taste and also the past. She has been fascinated by them since her childhood, how a group of objects and decorations can represent the Zeitgeist of an era.

She has taken medium format images of dozens of shopping windows in the heart of Budapest where the communist past and paradoxically, a more intimate and honest taste is still more present than expected and desired. 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, we should be still happy that pullovers are available in more sizes as some stores advertise it? Or shouldn't we? Past and present are juxtaposed in a few cubic meters.

(international group exhibition)

Bálint Hirling

The Amusement park of Budapest, after 175 years of operation, closed its gates permanently in September of 2013. Thousands of visitors had been enjoying the park since 1838.  The nearby Zoo expanded and took over the Amusement park. I documented the process of demolition, ruined buildings and strange details to recollect the sweet memories of the famous park in the heart of Budapest.

Hungarian Group Exhibition

Group exhibition of Bálint Hirling, Zsófia Pályi, Milán Rácmolnár, Éva Szombat.

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